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PPC Ads : 9 important updates in 2016

Its time to say good bye to this year. Online marketing showed many ups and downs this year. We have witnessed many changes in (ppc) pay per click ads in both Google and Bing.

Check these 9 things that changed in ppc.

1. No more Google right side ads
Google kicked out right side ads from SERP in February. but Google added a fourth ad space just above organic search results. that was a shock treatment for almost all PPC advertiser and businesses. That was the time people started to live with the reality that Google is going to give first priority to mobile users and mobile optimized websites. From all the recent updates like indexing mobile first update, the intention is crystal clear. Even our advertising agency points out 97% paid clicks are coming from mobile. Worldwide trend shows a maximum of 85% visitor traffic is from mobile/tablet. After these updates, the surprising graphical data shows the advertisers who were in the 3rd position have gained more sales and leads as the CTR doubled drastically.

2. Expanded Text Ads on Google AdWords
Another announcement made by Google AdWords was the Expanded Text Ads
That was the biggest change from Google in 15 years of AdWords history. Now we have two headlines with 30 characters each and description line that is 80 character long. That was twice the size of early text Ads.

3. Bing trying to keep up with the trend
Bing also introduced expanded text Ads after Google’s new treatment in PPC Ads. Character lengths were almost same in Bing as in Google even though there was no truncation in headlines. You can import Extended Text Ads from Google AdWords also. Worldwide data shows Bing Ads have upper hand in elongated Text Ads than Google.

4. New and improved local Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads and In store Conversion Measurements.
Google introduced new map ad formats to drive more local business traffic like promoted pins, in store promotions custom business page and local inventory search. Google creates New Responsive Display Ads to adapt to content of websites and apps in Google display network. Google added new in store conversion feature by examining phone location history whether someone who clicked ad have showed up into your store.

5 . New interface for AdWords
New AdWords interface was rolled out in August. We can expect more sophisticated changes in 2017. The new interface is still user friendly and we can easily figure out were to find out all the things we need. Even thought there is no algorithm update about how AdWords work.

6. Search campaigns targeting with demographics
Targeting using demographics like age gender data campaign feature rolled out in September.
Now the performance data of age groups and genders can be analyzed in adgroups. By breaking down these data we can find out which category of people are performing well for our ads, so we can filter out the affinity category and target with full force.

7. Message Extension for AdWords
Google introduced a very useful mobile ad extension in October which helps users click to start texting a business directly from search results. Below the ads there will be a text icon displayed for those kinds of Ads. Where taping on the icon takes us to default messaging app in mobile with the mobile number of business. Well, it shows a 50 % increased click through rate on mobile Ads.

8. Keyword targeting settings for Google Display Ads
New display keyword targeting settings were introduced by Google in October without any announcement which will give advertisers ,more control over how to target display campaigns.
We can either target audience to serve ads to anybody potentially interested in the keywords, without considering the kind of website they currently visiting or your ads will be displayed on relevant websites related to the keyword.

9. Device level bidding had returned
Google kicked out device level bidding on 2013 while introducing enhanced Google campaigns. Well here is the good news, you can bid for desktop mobile and tablet separately from now on.

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