Adword Headline Tactics that will get you a hell lot of clicks!!!

Is writing your AdWord a gruelling task for you? Does it drive you crazy every time you have to create a new ad text to set up a new campaign?

To fit all your ad copy in few characters and still manage to stand out from others can be really exasperating. But you can nail it by being a little creative and using some tactics. Your ad text is highly dependent on the keyword being searched. A killer value proposition can improve your CTR.

There is a quote by famous American advertising creative director William Bernbach:

“You can say the right thing about a product and nobody will listen. You’ve got to say it in such a way that people will feel it in their gut. Because if they don’t feel it, nothing will happen.”

Here are some expert opinions for creating catchy AdWord headings which can aid you in the process. There are certain aspects that need to be in your mind while writing AdWord headings. Try these proven methods.

AdWords Heading Tactics:

  • Keep it simple and personal

Keep it simple and direct so that it easily get down to people.  Use power words like you, click, free, increase etc to entice readers to click.

Make things personal. Use emotional trigger in your ad copy. For that you need to know who your customer will be and what persona do you want to take on.

It is also important that contents in the heading and that in the landing page must be congruent. People expect to see the same information as in the keywords in the page.

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  • Make things hyper local

People like to hear about what’s happening in the area where they live. They are attracted to headlines that relate to their locality.  Add location details in the heading.

  • Ask questions

Instead of simple claims use questions to set up the ad. Asking a question is a great way to get attention. It adds scepticism to the ad.

In the example instead of using the business name in the headline the question used directly strike to the core of what one searching an editor will be having in their mind.

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  • Use numbers and ASCII characters

Use of numbers adds some specificity to the ad.

 adwords headline tactics, adwords heading tactics

Numbers and ASCII characters make the ads stand out from the competition and draw more eyeballs to it than a block of words.


  • Make a strong offer

Provide incentives. Using discounts and promos in the headline can provide a compelling ad. Using specific numbers (30 % off) and overcoming objections (no delivery charge) can form a killer value prop.

 adwords headline tactics,how to make a killer heading for adwords

  • Promise a benefit

Focus on the benefits your prospects will receive from using your services. Instead of stating what u can offer emphasis on what‘s in it for them.

You may also use objection-overcome statements in the headline. Ask leading questions that uncover what obstacles might have prevented someone from taking action.

 adwords headline tactics,heading adwords best practise

  • The competitive bid

Decade has witnessed an explosion in social commerce market. People have options to choose from.  The competition is very stiff. People are going to weigh their options to purchase and analyse their choices instead of generic search.  You should be appealing to the customers in their branded searches.

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You can use “why choose  –” statements in the headline to come up with a stronger value prop than the competitor.

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Adword Headline Tactics that will get you a hell lot of clicks!!!
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