Google AdWords Expanding Product Listing Ads

Latest reports shows Google is expanding the size of its Product Listing Ads on right sidebar.  Ads are displayed with three rows of products, it was two rows earlier.

When Google shows Shopping Ads in the search results, either we see one row of results above the organic and AdWords, either as a static box or as a new scrolling carousel on sides.  And if they appear on the right sidebar, there were only two rows displayed. Now, Google is testing displaying three rows on the right sidebar.

This is the new search results look like:

shoppig ads - google display-digital marketing

Like it shows, it covers a vivid variants of product types, so there is no restrictions in particular market area.

Since I could find a very few listing like this in right side bars, we can suspect it might be an experimental display from google. I personally find it very useful since searches will get better click through rate,  Its hard to tell what might happen in coming days since massive changes are coming from google. Google already decided to take out the search analytics  from search console

Even though online business will get the most out of the new experiment from google.

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