Google to Index Mobile First

Google has announced  more details about indexing the mobile version of the Website first. As a result search engines will rank the mobile version of the website first. Current trend is that google indexes the desktop version of the page and display mobile version results for those who search from mobile devices.

Google had announced the upcoming change last month, but with this new announcement from Google’s Product Manager Mr. Doantam Phan they now started testing the mobile search results.

Here are some points we have to be noted about these immediate change from google.

Since Mobile users are outraging desktop, Google is making sure that they are displaying the best quality search results to users. There are some website truncating the information in their mobile version. That is one of the key point google came up with these recent changes.  Some information that users search wont display the correct details because of the abbreviated version of mobile website. Users are forced to search on desktop version of website.

Cant say this as a surprise since Gary Illyes from Google have mentioned a lot of times that google is working on mobile only index. Website using were impacted more. Because most of those websites display different contents.It is important to note that if you use less content on the mobile version of a page, once Google changes over to the mobile first index, you will only be able to rank for the content that appears on the mobile page. If your mobile version is a sub domain then you must verify your website on search console. But responsive websites are good to go.

If you have removed markup from the mobile pages in order to speed up load time, you will need to add that back to the mobile page, otherwise you will eventually lose those rich snippets once Google changes over to the mobile first index.

Page links in mobile pages are also going to be more important in SERP rankings.

Garry Illyes confirmed that Mobile Content Behind Tabs, Accordions etc wont be devalued since they help users to easily access information from websites.

If you still don’t know how mobile bots see your website you can login to your webmaster tools to check that using the fetch and rendering option.

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